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For those of you who need a little love…

This is a great little film that brings me love and it’s a joy to watch. I hope you enjoy it!


Movie Review: Brave

Wonderful movie that I loved. I cried and felt the story was just so beautiful. Bit scary at times with great big mean bear- but a happy and touching movie. Loved the story line. Movie: 9/10. Thanks, Pixar.

Are you guilty of this?

Do you sometimes sneak your kids a little chocolate, an ice cream treat or something a bit sweet before a speech therapy session?  If you said yes, I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE DON’T.  Today I got to see the effects of ice cream.  The effects were: decreased attention skills, reduced ability to string sentences together and limited awareness of what was required from her.  Bless her soul!

I beg of you, Mums and Dad, NO CHOCOLATES, SWEETS OR ICE CREAM BEFORE SPEECH THERAPY.  Yes, I’m yelling at you.  Sorry.  I’m usually so nice. But if you insist of giving them sweets, please provide me with a tub of ice cream (chocolate mint is my favourite, organic, of course) so I can sit and eat it while your child enjoys their sugar affected brain.  Deal?


Welcome to Term 3 Parents and Teachers!

Just a little bit of me being brave on video! Hope you enjoy this 30 second clip.


Are you willing to look silly? I am!

Are you willing to look silly?  I am!

This is my big breakthrough for the week- being willing to look silly in public! I got my hair done today and thought I looked pretty funny in the mirror. So if this made you smile, I’m happy. I’ve made a difference. I’ll sleep well tonight.


Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

Our wedding cake was a delight to look at on the day! I had sent photos of me, my husband, the dress, his suit, our cats and even the flowers and jewellery to the wedding cake designer. She did an amazing job! Rita’s Little Wish Cakes Owner, Shevi, made our dream cake. I didn’t see it till the day and I was happily impressed! Love to you all. xxx


Barry Louis Polisar in action…

I am sharing today one of my favourite songs from when I was a kid. Barry is one of my singing superstars. He is an inspiration and yes, he did write a recommendation on the back cover of my book, “Can Do Kids”. Visit his website at . Love love love Barry’s songs, particularly, “I’d Be Me”. I went to visit him (remember, I live in Western Australia) in the US while I was traveling and what a dream singing songs with him on his back (or it could have been his front) porch. Either way, it was a delicious experience. Here’s to one of my heroes. Thanks, Barry. Enjoy, everyone! xxx