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Barry Louis Polisar’s “I Don’t Want to go to School” song…

Dedicated to all the Teachers, Principals, Teacher Aides and Support Staff… and Students, of course. You will love this! Lovely song for the last day of school for the term… xxx Thanks, (Barry). You are a blessing to me…


It’s Art Friday… a bit of writing from my heart…

It's Art Friday... a bit of writing from my heart...

My garden is a constantly evolving being. I love it- I put a lot of time and energy into it- and it can look so healthy one day, and the next day like it’s on its last legs (or stems). That is the way of life.

Today is the last day of school term here in Perth. I am so thrilled because it’s been such a busy, successful and exhausting term. I need the break. However, truth be told, I also feel sad as many children graduated and I may not see them again. Such is the life of a Speech Pathologist. Many welcomes and many farewells.

All of life has these flip sides. Happy- sad. My little brother in Perth has been working his butt off creating Apps for the iPhone and has done such a brilliant job that he has been headhunted and offered a job with Twitter in San Francisco. Happy but sad news! I’m so proud and excited for him- yet sad that he is moving SO far away.

Like my garden, everything changes in life. It evolves in ways that we cannot predict at times. And we need to be gardeners and constantly tend to that which needs our attention most. Sometimes it is our hearts that needs the mending. Other times it may be relationships that need to be nourished. Listen to what it is today for you. Tend to your needs and send love your way. xxx

I’ll be the first to admit…

You know the things you don’t like to admit?  Well, today I’m happy to admit that when it comes to behaviour management strategies with kids, I get stuck.  I’m a Speech Pathologist and really good at that, and most of the time I can entice kids to learn and love it.  Most of the time it’s a breeze, a pleasure and a truly wonderful experience. However there are some days and some kids that not even I can manage to shift out of their resistance mode.

I’m going to share my radical insight.  I’ve come to realise that I don’t have to be ‘everything’ to everyone.  I’m not a Psychologist, nor am I am Behavioural Specialist or a Parenting Coach.  I’m not even a parent!

So here’s a referral for you if you are a parent who is stuck and needs new ideas.  Call Claire Eaton at Creative Parenting.  Go visit her website.  I’ve met her and she’s lovely and helped heaps of parents.  Don’t struggle on your own!

PS  Claire doesn’t know I’m writing about her as this was unsolicited.  She is a great parenting coach so use her as a resource!

Following my burning desire… what’s yours?

I LOVE helping people and animals!  That’s my passion.  Today I fulfilled a long term dream and made my first Kiva loan.  If you don’t know about Kiva, please take the time to check out the great work that they do.  I am assisting some women to buy some rice in Cambodia so they can support their families better.  This is helping not only the women, but their whole community!  Exciting!

What lights you up? You contributing to my life by reading my blog lights me up…  Thank you…

Art Friday: but posted earlier this week… happy reminder!

Hi Everyone,

I posted my Art Friday early this week, so if you missed my hit song, check it out!  It hasn’t gone viral yet (and I haven’t got any viruses yet, either), so all is pretty much business as usual around here.

Wishing you all a very happy early Friday!

Katrina  xxx


End of Term Blues… I got ’em, do you?

Well, I DID have them… the kids have been tired and a bit less motivated… and we are SO close to the finish line for the term! I thought I’d express my feelings and had this brilliant idea at about 5am this morning. I hope you enjoy this special 30 second song.


Art Friday: My Prince Charming and a small request

Please click on the link below to see my video.

Art Friday: My Prince Charming and a small request

This is a little creative video I did for my wonderful husband who is having shoulder surgery tomorrow.  I love him dearly!  xxx  Please check it out and send lots of love…