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To think, I had it all backwards! Strategies for more fun in your day…

I think as kids we are taught that if we do things, we get rewards.  And then as we get older, we plan to do really fun things once we’ve achieved X, Y and Z.  The problem is that once we’ve achieved those things, sometimes we are too tired or have run out of time to have our rewards- and instead go for food that satisfies us or less adventurous things such as lounging on the couch.  Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but I found myself in this trap and feeling very unrewarded and like a hamster on a wheel.  So I switched it around on myself.

I did something really fun and rewarding first thing in the morning.  It felt exhilarating!  I felt inspired and rewarded- and I was more productive and happy for the rest of the day.

So maybe what we learned when we were kids doesn’t apply so well for when we are adults.  Perhaps we need new strategies to get our laughter doses up for the day.  What are you willing to do first thing in the morning that you put off till you’ve done all your chores???  Change this habit and you may laugh more.  Let me know!

For more ideas, purchase “Can Do Kids: Practical strategies for raising kids who love to learn” by Katrina Takayama (my maiden name) available from .  Have fun!

Art Friday: “When you believe…”

Today I am feeling a little sad as my brother and his family are moving very soon. I have to believe that only good will come of this as I will miss his kids so very much. I do believe that love will carry me through and miracles will happen out of this event. Even though I cannot clearly see what will unfold, it will be for my good. I believe that. And this song serves to remind me to keep believing. Love to you all. xxx

Recommended book for parents with stubborn kids: Alan Kazdin

Recommended book for parents with stubborn kids.  Click here for more information!

Yes, the title may be a little off putting and you might say you’re child is not defiant- but these strategies are really useful for kids who are really stubborn, too.  So go ahead.  It’s available from at $22AUD, free shipping.  This includes the DVD.  Enjoy!


It’s really important, no matter what age, that your child is keen to interact and have fun with the speech therapist. A lot of what we do depends on the relationship that we develop with your child.  Honestly, if YOU … Continue reading

Art Friday: Gardening meditation


Last weekend my husband and I planted these beautiful Screenmaster trees for our hedging.  Today they will get their mulch which is very important with the hot summer coming… someday!

I believe that planting trees and gardening is a form of meditation.  Getting time in nature soothes my soul.  It is also great exercise!

How long will my child need speech therapy?

This is a very popular question that I get asked a lot.  There is lots of research on if you use a certain therapy type, it should take X number of sessions.  I have to admit, though, that no matter what research says, when a child enters my room they don’t fit into statistics or research.  They are all an individual case with their own personality and learning styles.  Even their special interests vary and tapping into this can accelerate their learning.  So many variables that we cannot account for nor control contribute to how quickly your child learns.

I answer this question a bit differently to parents that come to see me.  Speech therapy for children can focus on many areas of language as well as speech clarity.  Often children with speech and language difficulties then have problems with reading and spelling.  My job is to teach parents how to teach their children who have very special brains and ways of learning.  If I can teach the parents those skills and have them learn how to best teach their child, I’ve achieved my goal!  We make gains and achieve success.
It is a wonderful process to be a part of, and there are many skills that we have as Speech Therapists that are valuable to parents.  Some parents and children stay with me for years, mastering the art of learning.  Others stay for a shorter period of time and also achieve results.

The answer to how long your child will need speech therapy is however long it takes to achieve goals that have been set and to have you, the parents, feel empowered to teach your children.  xxx

How did you find your Speech Therapist?

Did you:

1.  Go by location- find the nearest therapist in your area?

2.  Ask a friend?

3.  Request a referral from your doctor?

4.  Website search?  If so, what terms did you use?

If not one of these ways, how did you find them?  I’d love to know!  Please share your stories of how you found your speech therapist.

Katrina xxx