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Makes for a delicious treat!


Oh how I love these! Try them and let me know what you think. I buy them at Carine Glades IGA. Have a wonderful Easter! Love to you all. xxx

Another beautiful story and App: Lyrebird Park

Children's Books: Lyrebird Park by Susan Syddall

Apologies for the long lapse between Ebook Reviews.  I have been extremely busy with all the Padawan Learners in Perth!  On to the review…

I loved this story about the Lyrebird.  I learned a lot about what Lyrebirds are which was super cool- they are a fascinating Australian native bird.  It was a funny story and well written.  Yes, I’m a fan of Susan Syddall.  She is a creative writer and really brings her stories to life in the EBook format.  Well done, Susan! 

To learn more about Susan, go to:

To purchase the App go to:

Enjoy reading- and remember to check out Susan’s activities related to each book.  They are extremely valuable and help children with their comprehension, concept learning and vocabulary development. 


Can you believe it’s Lego?

Can you believe it's Lego?

We went to an amazing Lego exhibition while in Singapore and this just blew me away! It was full on HUGE! 80, 020 Lego blocks to build. The Lego Master is Nathan Sawaya and you can see more of his work at . It is breath taking!


Soweto Gospel Choir… what a gift!

Mom and I went to hear and experience the gift of dance and singing from the Soweto Gospel Choir. The energy was incredibly and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to be in their world for just over two hours. It truly was a spiritual two hours. Thank you for coming to Perth, Soweto Gospel Choir. xxx


So proud of my Dad, Takashi Takayama!

So proud of my Dad, Takashi Takayama!

Pretty amazing after all these years my dad’s book is being honored so genuinely. Well done, Dad! Being a Professor’s daughter is a privilege. I am very proud of you, not just for the books you have written but for the dad that you are. We may disagree at times AND this has made me a very strong woman. Thank you!