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Ain’t no stopping me!

Ain't no stopping me!

Despite many health challenges this month, I am having a great time at work with the kids. I’ve so far caught a cold, overcome a sinus infection and am healing a nerve in my leg. The laughter that I get from the kids and parents at my work certainly assists my healing and well being. I am blessed to have such fun families to play with and learn from. Onwards and upwards, I say! Also, thanks to my Mom who is helping me get new resources ready for my kids to do new learning. It’s very exciting to watch the progress and test out theories and find out they really DO work! Hooray!


Back to work on Monday October 14th, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I’m so excited to be starting back at work on Monday and I’ve purchased some new resources/ games to play with the kids. It’s always so awesome to play new games and see the kids get really excited (just like me!).
Now the story with the teddy is that he looked like a Wooky and I thought he was cool. I didn’t buy him because he weighed a ton, but I wanted to show you how cute he was. I do love my teddies.
Much love and see you soon, Katrina xxx