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Lounging around on a Saturday is lovely! Enjoy your weekend and remember to contact me should you need any speech therapy assistance. Katrina


Restaurant Review: The Chefz Table

This gem of a restaurant has only been open for a mere six weeks and is mighty impressive.  Located in East Perth, we’d been hearing ads on 6PR Radio in the morning.  What had me sold on this idea is that when you made your booking, you could tell them what you loved to eat and what you didn’t like to eat and they’d create a menu for you!  I thought this was a fabulous idea.  This was a food allergy person’s heaven and haven.  With my long list of allergies, including peanuts and other nuts, egg, wheat, yeast, MSG, and citrus (by the way, I carry my list so that I can remember them all, too!), finding a restaurant that can cater for me is tricky to say the least.  Hello meat and vegetables at home… and now, welcome The Chefz Table.

Now, I have to say that every phone conversation and email was responded to with a friendly, caring and responsive person on the other end of the phone or computer.  The wonderful service was maintained when we arrived on the blustery night and were greeted with a very friendly “Good Evening”.

The food that we were served was absolutely delicious.  I would say divine.  To see my favorites served in such unique ways and with such class and… well, darn delicious was outstanding.  To make this point, I have no pictures as I did not want to interrupt my culinary journey to dig out my iPhone.

Apart from presentation, the different techniques and flavours were extremely palatable and taste bud enriching.  Knowing that all the food was safe for me was also very calming.  Only one minor hiccup occurred (which is a common one- citrus allergy is less well understood by others and needs a little bit more elaboration in the future) and it was quickly replaced with a safe option- which was extremely scrumptious.

I loved this restaurant.  It’s worth the price tag with the four courses, great service, and personalized touch.  They’ve just got this idea right!

Enjoy, Perth!  We really have welcomed a new restaurant among the stars.  What a blessing!  Thanks, The Chefz Table!

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Merry Christmas!!!


I’ve been good this year! Much love to you all. Thanks for being part of my life. xxx


Final day in Singapore!


We’ve had a wonderful, relaxing holiday with heaps of walking and exploring. One of my favourite things is how the staff look after me and my food allergies. I feel so blessed and safe eating in the hotel. Thank you, Executive Chef Ivan. You have made my food choices safe and exciting to my palate. I highly recommend the Swissotel Merchant Court if you have food allergies. This picture shows that I could also eat the mint choc chip ice cream here, too. Loved it! See you back in Perth, my friends.

Superhero shop in Singapore

This shop was pretty awesome. Even had all the characters from Harry Potter in figurines. Very impressive!

They grow things big here in Singapore


Either I’m shrinking or these leaves are massive. Having fun here!!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


It’s beautiful here! Looking forward to today’s adventure.