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Another beautiful story and App: Lyrebird Park

Children's Books: Lyrebird Park by Susan Syddall

Apologies for the long lapse between Ebook Reviews.  I have been extremely busy with all the Padawan Learners in Perth!  On to the review…

I loved this story about the Lyrebird.  I learned a lot about what Lyrebirds are which was super cool- they are a fascinating Australian native bird.  It was a funny story and well written.  Yes, I’m a fan of Susan Syddall.  She is a creative writer and really brings her stories to life in the EBook format.  Well done, Susan! 

To learn more about Susan, go to:

To purchase the App go to:

Enjoy reading- and remember to check out Susan’s activities related to each book.  They are extremely valuable and help children with their comprehension, concept learning and vocabulary development. 

E Book Review: Grover Bill and the Geckos

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Another wonderfully written and colorful book for children and parents.  Well thought out story and useful resources for parents to assist their children’s comprehension and literacy development. ALWAYS check out the Menu tab before you start the story.  You can print out the parent handouts to guide you.  Thanks, Susan.

Susan’s website is:  It’s a delightful site!

App available at iTunes.  Just follow this link:

E Book App Review: Scaredy Cat by Susan Syddall

Children's Books: Scaredy Cat by Susan Syddall

To say that I loved this App, the story, the activities and parent suggestions is an understatement!  I applaud Susan for this story as she so cleverly told the tale of a cat being brainwashed while he was sleeping to think that the mouse was some kind of crazy, scary creature to fear!  It was humorous, clever and divinely written.  And yes, I am a cat lady.  You all should know this by now- but I’m a particularly picky reader.  Well done, Susan.  5 stars today!  You can visit Susan’s website at 

You can purchase this app at:


E Book Review: Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

When I listened to this story on Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t entirely convinced that the kids would love listening to it.  It was longer than other stories by Susan but still fairly interesting.  I was sceptical… feeding hens ice cream… snakes eating cake… it seemed, well, just wrong!  However it turned out to be a source of laughter and joy on Monday when I used it with one of my little guys at work.  I chose to modify the text to suit my client and it really hit the spot.  Wonderful illustrations, once again.  Fun story.  Overall 4/5 for this one- only because I thought there was a whole lot more predicting and inferencing work for the kids that could have been included.  I’m just fussy!

Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

Available for purchase at the iTunes store.  Here’s the link:

App Review: There’s Something in the Bush, Matilda

This is a sweet E book that I read on my iPad for the first time yesterday.  I then used it with one of my clients, a Pre- Primary student, to develop her vocabulary of Australian animals.  I chose the “Read to Me” option and my client very much enjoyed the story telling style.  It was very engaging!

I loved the pictures of the Australian bush, the beautiful Australian animals and the story that was simple enough to embed new vocabulary, such as Australian animal names that kids may not know so well such as ‘Jabiru’.  My client called the Emu a Kiwi Fruit which gave us a bit of a giggle!

Check out the illustrations and text here:

The activities at the end of the book are fantastic, once again.  Susan Syddall has created another wonderful book with activities. 4.5/5 stars, particularly great for Aussie Kids and other children who’d love to learn about Australian animals.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the next book!

Available at iTunes.  Here’s the link for you.


App Review: Hog and Frog E- book

App Review: Hog and Frog E- book

I will be writing reviews on Susan Syddall’s Apps and E Books over the next few weeks.  Susan asked for volunteers to review her products and I happily raised my hand.  No payment has been received for these reviews!


I have purchased E books for kids in the past and have not been entirely impressed.  This was a new experience for me and I WILL use this book with the kids.

“Hog and Frog” is a lovely story about a Hog that wants desperately to be a Frog.  Hog goes to amazing lengths to meet the criteria of being a Frog, but there is one big obstacle.  It’s a quirky, fun book with great illustrations and easy language for kids to be able to read.  Well done, Susan!

The other bonus of Susan’s E book Hog and Frog is the games that she puts online for parents to download, print and play.  You can also play games in the App.  So very clever.  4.5/5 stars, Susan!  I’m impressed!  I highly recommend parents download “Hog and Frog” which is much more than an E book.  It also has wonderful language activity ideas for Parents and Speech Pathologists.  Very cool!

Click here to purchase App from iTunes…