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Happy holiday season!


Thank you to all my clients and wonderful friends for your support, love and loyalty this year! I am forever grateful.
As of today, I am on holidays. I will not be available on the phone until January 10th, 2013 however if you are interested in becoming a client, email me at with your contact details. I will respond after January 10th to emails.
Once again, thank you for being part of my life. Blessings to you and your families. Love, Katrina


Art Friday: alternate realities… and trusting life loves you.

Art Friday: alternate realities... and trusting life loves you.

Do you ever wonder what you would be doing in alternate realities? Would I own a Grill House, be a Star Ship Captain? And what in the world does this have to do with speech therapy? Maybe nothing, but I’ll go with the flow…
Well, many parents worry for their children who have speech and language problems. They are concerned that they will never get better or fit in.
I want to encourage you all that your child will improve. Their brains will change and develop and you can help them with speech therapy and other services as needed (for example, tutoring).
Imagine what a wonderful future they will have, with their unique brain that processes the world so differently.
So if you are feeling overwhelmed, worried or concerned, take a breath. Close your eyes. Imagine your child all grown up doing amazing things you can’t even predict! And smile… life loves you (as Louise Hay says)!


Art Friday: Here’s to you, Parents! Thank you!

Art Friday: Here's to you, Parents! Thank you!

What I love most about my business are the kids- so I am very thankful for the parents who create these wonderful children.
This year I have learned a lot about managing behaviour- I guess it was my next lesson on my journey, although I didn’t know I’d signed up for that class! I am really proud that I have developed this skill as I appreciate EVEN MORE the huge impact staying true to your word has with kids. I make sure that if I make a deal with a child and they don’t hold up their end of the deal, then the deal is off. I can even handle the tantrums with grace now, rather than feeling guilty and stressed.
So my picture today is a big smile of gratitude to all the parents who trust me to assist them and their children to communicate and learn with more ease and fun. Thank you! xxx

Art Friday

I have missed three days of work/ play this week as I picked up a bad virus. Thankfully I have a great support network. Here is one of my support buddies. I am blessed.


Art Friday: expressing myself

Art Friday: expressing myself

Hi! This was my art therapy for the week. I didn’t have a plan and I just started drawing to see what would happen. It was very relaxing and the final outcome was pleasing to my eye, which doesn’t always happen. Hope you enjoy it! xxx

Art Friday special day with Gemma

Gemma is my lovely niece who is moving to San Francisco. We are having a nice morning together. Here is our drawing.


Art Friday: “When you believe…”

Today I am feeling a little sad as my brother and his family are moving very soon. I have to believe that only good will come of this as I will miss his kids so very much. I do believe that love will carry me through and miracles will happen out of this event. Even though I cannot clearly see what will unfold, it will be for my good. I believe that. And this song serves to remind me to keep believing. Love to you all. xxx