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Book Review: The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

This was the book I chose to read and I cannot recall why I chose it other than the sample that I read of it grabbed me from the beginning.  That was reason enough!  This book is about a special relationship between a mother and son, and the books they read together during her journey with cancer.  I do not say ‘fight against’ cancer as this was not how his mother dealt with it, nor did she surrender.  She read… and lived an amazing life while reading her favorites and exploring new books.

I cried at the end, as when one of the main characters has pancreatic cancer, you know the ending.  However the story was one of love, courage (although she would never see herself as courageous) and growth.  One day I know that I will have to face losing a parent, unless something untoward happens to me- and this book demonstrated to me that love is the way through and that having faith helps guide us through the difficult times in life.  It also made me very aware that I have a lot to be grateful for in my life.

This book was a beautiful gift and a reminder of the richness of books and the tales they have to share.  I will be reading more this year than I did last year, expanding my mind and exploring new worlds through different lenses.  Exciting journeys are ahead and they don’t require a plane ticket- just a book.  I highly recommend this book.  Image

Recommended book for parents with stubborn kids: Alan Kazdin

Recommended book for parents with stubborn kids.  Click here for more information!

Yes, the title may be a little off putting and you might say you’re child is not defiant- but these strategies are really useful for kids who are really stubborn, too.  So go ahead.  It’s available from at $22AUD, free shipping.  This includes the DVD.  Enjoy!