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Madagascar 3: as critiqued by my niece and nephew…

For my 6 year old nephew, the movie was a 10/10. He laughed and said it wasn’t scary at all. Very happy dude.
My 3 year old niece gave the movie a 6/10. Her attention waned after awhile but she seemed happy enough and didn’t ask me how much longer to go home.
I rate it a 9/10. Nice story, lovely characters, and the music was lots of fun. Thoroughly enjoyed myself!


Movie Review: Brave

Wonderful movie that I loved. I cried and felt the story was just so beautiful. Bit scary at times with great big mean bear- but a happy and touching movie. Loved the story line. Movie: 9/10. Thanks, Pixar.

MOVIE REVIEW: Ice Age: Continental Drift from Kids and Katrina

ImageI took my amazing niece and nephew to see Ice Age yesterday and the whole experience was delightful.

My niece thought it was a bit long but she really did enjoy the movie and the bucket of popcorn that she happily devoured.  She loved the ‘ones that changed’ which at first she declared were scary!  She is hilarious!

My nephew laughed so hard during the movie.  He loved it so much and when I asked him what I had missed when I had to take my niece to the toilet, he said, “the popcorn!”.  He had finished it all while we were in the toilets!  He gave the movie 18 out of 20.

When asked what score I gave it out of 15, I rated it a 13.  I must say that it was the BEST kids movie I’ve seen in ages.  It beats The Lorax and so many others that I’ve been disappointed with- although The Muppet Movie was brilliant, too.

So it’s a big YES from me.  Go see Ice Age: Continental Drift.  You will LOVE it!