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The Power of Talking to your Baby

The Power of Talking to your Baby

The best prevention for speech and language delay is talking to your baby!  Lots and lots and lots!  xxx  To read the research, click on the title of this blog.


Thank you for a wonderful start to the year!

Thank you for a wonderful start to the year!

I have had an extremely busy and eventful start to the year, welcoming many new kids to my Padawan Training (i.e. speech therapy). Several other Padawans have graduated which is completely awesome and I honor each and every one of them for their hard work (which looks more like fun) and dedication (hard core game playing).
I also am grateful for the steady stream of visitors to my Facebook and Blog with several queries about my availability to take on new learners.
Although Padawan Training is fully booked, I will keep you updated regularly so please keep in touch. Check back whenever you like and drop me a message. I love to hear from you.
If you do want some training strategies for raising Padawans who LOVE to learn- check out my book, “Can Do Kids” available online at The Bodhi Tree Online Bookstore. You’ll have to put in my maiden name for the search, though. Takayama, Katrina. I like to say that my book is a journey through my heart- lots of love and practical strategies for you on your parenting journey. It’s my way of touching your world and leaving it a better place.
May you have a wonderful school holidays! Two more days for me and then two weeks off. Enjoy! I will…


When good things come together.

I have had an amazing Term One with many new kids starting their speech therapy journey with me. I love meeting the new families and it truly lights me up to have new little ones greet me.

I am also grateful to the families who have been with me for awhile. I look forward to coming into work everyday to see what healing work needs to be done and how much laughter we can have together.

When good things come together, magic happens. I wore this shirt to demonstrate my passions coming together: cats and Star Trek. My business passions are playing and laughing. Wonderful passions to have at work. Plus I get to be a healing agent in this world. Pretty awesome! xxx



Art Friday: alternate realities… and trusting life loves you.

Art Friday: alternate realities... and trusting life loves you.

Do you ever wonder what you would be doing in alternate realities? Would I own a Grill House, be a Star Ship Captain? And what in the world does this have to do with speech therapy? Maybe nothing, but I’ll go with the flow…
Well, many parents worry for their children who have speech and language problems. They are concerned that they will never get better or fit in.
I want to encourage you all that your child will improve. Their brains will change and develop and you can help them with speech therapy and other services as needed (for example, tutoring).
Imagine what a wonderful future they will have, with their unique brain that processes the world so differently.
So if you are feeling overwhelmed, worried or concerned, take a breath. Close your eyes. Imagine your child all grown up doing amazing things you can’t even predict! And smile… life loves you (as Louise Hay says)!

How often do I need to attend speech therapy sessions?

I think we all need great support structures in our lives for success at any level.  We can’t do everything on our own.  Speech therapy sessions, whether they be weekly, fortnightly or monthly serve as excellent support structures for you and your child to be successful in achieving your goals.  If you think of it as coaching, speech therapists help keep you on track with your goals and provide you with learning tools to master skills with your child.  The level of support you require at the beginning of learning new skills is usually quite high.  I tend to see my private clients once a week at the beginning of our learning phase.  Once the parents and child have achieved certain milestones in their learning, we usually drop down the level of support required.  This is optional, however, as many parents love learning and the support structure of weekly sessions and feedback.  Financial constraints often dictate frequency of service as opposed to what would be optimal for the child.  Finally, when the child has demonstrated significant language and speech gains and the parents feel confident carrying the work over at home, the speech therapist will declare the child and parents ‘graduates’.  Sometimes graduates may not have met all the targets set but the parents feel well supported and confident enough to carry through with activities to support further growth and development.  This is when our work as speech therapists is done.  We can relax knowing that we have made a huge difference in the family’s lives. 

Best wishes.  Katrina xxx


Art Friday: Here’s to you, Parents! Thank you!

Art Friday: Here's to you, Parents! Thank you!

What I love most about my business are the kids- so I am very thankful for the parents who create these wonderful children.
This year I have learned a lot about managing behaviour- I guess it was my next lesson on my journey, although I didn’t know I’d signed up for that class! I am really proud that I have developed this skill as I appreciate EVEN MORE the huge impact staying true to your word has with kids. I make sure that if I make a deal with a child and they don’t hold up their end of the deal, then the deal is off. I can even handle the tantrums with grace now, rather than feeling guilty and stressed.
So my picture today is a big smile of gratitude to all the parents who trust me to assist them and their children to communicate and learn with more ease and fun. Thank you! xxx


It’s really important, no matter what age, that your child is keen to interact and have fun with the speech therapist. A lot of what we do depends on the relationship that we develop with your child.  Honestly, if YOU … Continue reading