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The Double O Spelling Rule and Butt Cheeks

The Double O Spelling Rule and Butt Cheeks

Hmmmm… Short funny story. I was playing with a seven year old talking about the OO rule in reading and spelling. You know, the OO as in book and look. Well, I said that one way to remember the sound is to think of the OO as googily eyes. Yes, a strange analogy but they are often the best. She informed me that the O’s didn’t look at all like eyes. I asked her what she saw. She said… butt cheeks. So, rolling with the flow of what I’m given, I said it’s like when you see someone with butt cheeks hanging out of their pants and you make the sound ‘OO’ in surprise. She loved that! And when I needed to help her spell a word with an O, I said it was half a butt cheek and she knew exactly what I meant. Hilarious!


Update from Freedom of Speech for Kids

Update from Freedom of Speech for Kids

I’m very grateful for all the new families in my life. 10 years of serving families in Western Australia is a blessing! xxx


Three weeks till school holidays!

Three weeks till school holidays!

Very excited that we have three weeks of fun and games and then a well deserved break of two weeks. Much celebrating to do with so many clever kids and parents! I am very blessed.


A bit of kindness for your day!

I hope this brings a smile to your face… Love, Katrina xxx


Ever wonder what you’d look like in Lego?

Ever wonder what you'd look like in Lego?

We went to a great Lego exhibition and they had this amazing camera that would convert your image into Lego. I thought it was pretty incredible. Wishing you a happy Monday or a great Sunday evening, whichever it may be for you!


Brain School

Brain School

I’m currently reading a book called Brain School which is pretty amazing- and I’m learning heaps about the incredible human brain and how it continues to grow as long as you feed it new information, eat well and exercise. Speaking of which, it’s breakfast time! Then time for exercise. I’ve already started reading Japanese aloud as my challenge and have practiced piano this morning and it’s not even 8am. Hooray!


Visiting Perth Zoo was a lovely experience. My favorites are always the tigers and lions, of course. Remember that taking your kids to your local zoo is an awesome learning experience. Enjoy and support your local zoo!