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How did you find your Speech Therapist?

Did you:

1.  Go by location- find the nearest therapist in your area?

2.  Ask a friend?

3.  Request a referral from your doctor?

4.  Website search?  If so, what terms did you use?

If not one of these ways, how did you find them?  I’d love to know!  Please share your stories of how you found your speech therapist.

Katrina xxx

Frustrated blogger… Safari crashing when I try to post photos from iPhoto. Help!

I’m so sorry for the late posting today.  I have been having massive challenges with posting anything other than text today.  I use a Mac and for some reason, anytime I try to post a photo from my iPhotos, Safari crashes.  I have no idea why.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me.  It’s very frustrating…

Would you do this? No spoilers for Lady Gaga fans, promise…

I just have to get your opinion on this.


I went to the Lady Gaga concert last night.  Admittedly, I knew just a little of what the show was about (VERY LITTLE) and my husband had bought me her album on Friday so I could educate myself. I knew it would be an amazing spectacle and it was surely that and more.  Not only was it LOUD (I was either having very bad heart palpitations or my whole body was vibrating. It was INSANE!) but there was lots of sexiness and ‘full self expression’.  Lady Gaga did not disappoint- she was out of this world.


Given what you know about Lady Gaga, would you have taken your 5 year old daughter to see her concert?


I was so uncomfortable having a 5 year old watching what I was watching I wanted to just scream at the mother. I was stunned myself at the things I saw.  I know many people have yet to enjoy the show so I shall not disclose any more, but REALLY???  A 5 year old????

What do you think?Image

Did you know this about me?

From a client’s brother who ‘beautified’ me!

I’m going to post 5 facts about me.  Please put your score in the Comments section and include a fact that you think I might not know about you!

1.  I am allergic to apples.

2.  I have two cats and a husband- no kids without paws.

3.  I have written and self published a book called, “Can Do Kids”.

4.  I love going to fine dining restaurants.

5.  I have a business called, “Freedom of Speech for Kids”

Let me know your score and a fact about you!

Love, Katrina  xxx