Speech Therapy Services

Fully booked for Term 2, 2014!  Thank you very much for your interest!

“Freedom of Speech for Kids” Speech Therapy clinic is a fun, dynamic learning space in my corner of the galaxy.

I’m Katrina Davy, Author and Speech Pathologist, and I create masterful geniuses who love learning.

My little Padawans (Young Jedi) are aged between 2 and 12 and experience speech, language and literacy problems.

Padawan Parents must be open to new learning, committed to the learning process and happy to invest the time it takes to teach Young Jedi the way of the Force (in this case, communication, reading and spelling skills!).

As of May 29, 2014 I have no more spaces  for Term 2, 2014 speech therapy.   Occasionally spots open up, so still please email me if you’re keen to register your interest. Include your contact details in your email and I will respond.  I am unable to return calls at this stage as my Young Padawans need my full attention.  Thank you!

Location: The Woodvale Family Centre, 30 Chichester Drive, Woodvale, Western Australia.

Email: fos4kids@iinet.net.au

Mobile: 0409 080 324

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