Thanks for coming to visit! Hope you’ll stay for awhile and join me in my online home.  Now, to answer some of the big questions of the Universe: WHO AM I? and WHAT AM I HERE TO DO?  

I’m proud to be part Japanese, Dutch, American and Australian.  Being multiracial is awesome!  But being a multiracial, sci-fi and cat loving Speech Pathologist is even better.

Below I’m going to explain what I do as a Speech Pathologist with Science Fiction themes.  I hope you enjoy reading about my mission and what I set out to achieve.

I love having fun with kids and teaching them how to communicate in this crazy Galaxy of ours.  I’m a Speech Pathologist by day and my mission is to make learning fun for those out there who aren’t great with language learning- particularly the language they were born into.  Many of the kids I see have speech sound problems, which means that their speech doesn’t sound a great deal like ours.  My job is to analyse their speech and figure out how to make it more like our own- in Sci Fi language, to get them to assimilate into our speech code (assimilate is what the Borgs do- they are Evil but I am kinda like your Good Borg- a new species in the Galaxy).

I also help children understand our language codes, such as grammar- how to construct sentences that make sense.  Yoda must have missed that class as he’s always getting the structure of the sentences confused.  But Yoda has a structure of his own, just like the kids I see- and my job is to ‘fix’ the code so these kids can sound more like us.  Once again, a job of assimilation!  Ha ha… it seems as if I am a Borg Queen in my workplace, just with more hair.
What else do I do as a Speech Pathologist?  Well, I also help children learn our cultural values such as how to take turns in conversations, interpret and express emotions (Mr Data would have failed this class, I’m afraid), and I also help those children who struggle with understanding their world.  For example, I help them to understand that open is not closed, on is not off, and right is not left- unless they get left right and then they are technically right (or just very correct).

Learning to read and write interesting stories and compositions also falls under my mission.  Many children with speech and language problems also experience challenges with learning to read.  I help them with this most vital skill- much like providing Geordi La Forge with the ability to interpret light patterns with his visor in Next Generation, I assist the kids to find patterns in our spelling to assist their learning.  Once they master this, learning to read and spell becomes much easier.

Compared with others, I am a low key Sci Fi chick.  I say low key as I don’t do costumes, nor make my ears look vulcan- but happily sit for hours watching re- runs of Star Trek, Babylon 5 and other cool geeky shows such as Warehouse 13.  It’s always a pleasure to work with kids who are similarly inclined, with affections towards Star Wars Potatoheads and a soft spot for Data.  I do go to concerts and events with an agenda to have my photos taken with famous stars such as Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and yes, Buzz Lightyear.  I’m a softy.

Highly recommend Hong Kong Disneyland for a family holiday destination or honeymoon. We had the BEST time.

Well, I think that about covers what I do in my business.  I create “Freedom of Speech for Kids” and do so in a fun way so the ‘Force’ is with them- and also with their families.  

You can go to my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/FreedomofSpeechforKids and chat to me on there.  Remember to LIKE my page- but only if you do really like it!

Yes, I have a Light Saber in my cupboard and will probably go out this weekend and purchase the Star Wars Operation game-but I promise you, it’s all for the kids…. or is it?  Ha ha  (maniacal laugh of Katrina’s- if you can imagine this).

If you’re keen to:

  • read about some of my adventures and laughs with the kids,
  • have your heart melt with photos of cats and other inspiring visions,
  •  watch occasional videos of myself answering your questions- or just being me (including playing my keyboard, badly or otherwise) and possibly even singing
  • share some of your stories, build a fun community and interact with me…

you’re in the right place…
May the Force be With You,

Katrina Davy

PS  “Can Do Kids: Practical strategies for raising kids who love to learn” is a printed book that I wrote in 2008 which I reckon you’d love. 


Go to www.bodhitree.net.au to order your copy now or Email me at fos4kids@iinet.net.au . Very few science fiction references, but really excellent information and inspiration for parents and teachers- I promise!

4 responses to “About

  1. Jennifer HERBERT

    Katrina you are a breath of fresh air that constantly inspires my child and I. We love you and are proud to be taught by you

  2. Katrina, You are a very important piece in this universe, the children need you, the world needs you. I thank you for sharing your talents, skills and love with the world. You are truly doing the divine’s work on earth. May the force be with you.
    Love, Debora Bradley
    Integrative Life Coach Professional

  3. You utterly adorable dag :o)

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